My name is Tom Ensing. I’m 21 years old and I come from Groningen, a city that’s about as far away from Amsterdam you can get within the Netherlands. I am currently working towards finishing my Communications Bachelor’s Degree at the Hanze University, which should be done in October of this year. I am most passionate about the more visual aspects of the broad field that is communication, such as videography, photography, and a bit of graphics design. However, due to my studies and previous work, I have some experience in more general marketing and communications work as well.

That does not say much about me as a person though, so here follow two inconclusive paragraphs about my traits, hobbies and interests. According to one of those reliable internet tests, my personality matches that of an INFP. In my case this translates to being an absolute introvert and having a tendency to operate on feeling, rather than rational thought. Despite my aspirations being more creative, I am quite a technical person. As a child I liked piecing things together with wood and nails, while right now I enjoy building computers – and sometimes taking them apart again. Accompanied by the enjoyment of tinkering with computers comes a love for video gaming. The games I play vary widely, from RPGs to city builders, to FPSs and the occacional racing game.

As for sports and other such physical activities, I used to train in ice skating (of the 400-meter track variant). For the past few years it’s been more of a winter hobby though, with in-line skating as the summer alternative. But where skating hasn’t been a big priority recently, my interest for skateboarding has sparked in the last three years. I started out on small Penny boards, and then made my own cruiser out of a custom deck paired with Penny Nickel hardware. Around Christmas 2016 I bought a 42″ Bustin longboard and have been thoroughly enjoying that since. Lastly, since I’m Dutch, cycling is in my blood, and I’m used to doing quite a lot of it. I don’t really consider this a sport though, but perhaps more of a native cultural activity.


Professional Videography

Since late 2013 I have had a number of different client-based videography assignments, of which you can find a selection below.


Crash Course: Orgels

During my 7th semester studying communication, me and two other students got the opportunity to make a documentary about the annual Schnitger Organ Festival in Groningen. It ended up becoming half educational and half critical. Here you can see the published educational part of the documentary.

Idee zoekt Ondernemer

Idee zoekt ondernemer was an initiative of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, to pair entrepeneurs with students that could help them further develop their product. I produced three videos for the initiative, in which three of the chosen entrepeneurs explained their ideas and asked for the students’ help.



Zenitel – Bastø Fosen

Zenitel is an international organisation that specializes in the production of critical communications equipment, among which PA, intercom and radio installations. In this video we explore one of their installations on Norway’s busiest inland ferry route.


Zenitel – TCIV Dogs

This video was also produced for Zenitel Norway. In this instance, not a case study, but a test of Zenitel’s audio quality. Is it good enough to fool a dog?

Personal Videography

Below is a selection of videos I have made since 2013. To be fair, I started out my ‘Youtube career’ as a gamer on a completely seperate channel, but that’s a time we do not speak of. I quickly made the switch to more cinematography-based content, and that’s still the type of video I most love making.

For more videos like these, see my Youtube channel.


The Upgrade Path

In the past two years I have started diving into longer After Effects animations for professional work. It took me a while to try After Effects more in my non-client work as well. This video is the second in a series about upgrading my custom computer; The Upgrade Path.

My Beautiful Backyard

During my exchange to Halden, Norway, I lived exceptionally close to a small, forested valley with a little river. This bit of nature formed a bit of a border between the university campus and the city, and was absolutely beautiful. I’d made a summer edition of this video before, but when the colors started changing during autumn I had to go out again.


Short Summer Stories

Short Summer Stories was a project meant to give myself some videography practice. Some of them are a bit weirdly filmed or oddly edited, just for the sake of pushing myself. Story 10 is one of my favorites, and story 20 is probably the most experimental.


Over the past few years, my love for photography has caught up with my love for videography. Both are brilliant, both are challenging in their own way, and  both complement each other nicely. Where I find video the more intensive of the two, conveying meaning with a single photo is absolutely more challenging.

Below are a few galleries with some of my previous work, both personal and professional. For more personal work, see my Instagram account.

Portraits | Film & Digital

Other Photos | Digital

Other Photos | Film

Adding to the challenge, I’ve recently started shooting on 35mm film. While some might say that that’s just a very hipster thing to do, it’s absolutely not only been nice and easy. My old Olympus OM10 has presented me with a steep learning curve, pushing me hard to think more about the timing and composition of every individual shot. I will admit it though, the aesthetic value of carrying around an old, analog SLR is a nice added bonus.


CV & Resume

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